Kinetogenic is the sometimes small team, sometimes one-man operation of Chase Massingill.

With a strong technical foundation and exceptional problem solving skills, I am passionate about delivering valuable creative solutions. In 10 years of freelancing in New York City, I have taken on various roles including motion designer, compositor, VFX supervisor, and technical lead.


On small projects, I am a renegade force taking your project from conception to completion with a personalized and customized focus. On larger ones, I bring in a strike force of trusted and proven talent to help deliver the goods.  I've delivered motion design and VFX projects for a wide variety of formats including television, film, and 360, and am always interested in projects that push the envelope with unique technical and creative problems.

For inquiries or questions about my work, please email me.


Kinetogenic 98 4th St Suite 401 Brooklyn NY