Explorers Wanted

In 2009, Kinetogenic worked with BRC on a short film as part of the Explorer's Wanted installation at the Kennedy Space Center. A small piece of a larger show, the film showcase floating screens being used by a the launch crew of a spacecraft.


Several years later, when the show was being refreshed, we were again contacted by BRC, this time to refresh many of the remaining elements of the show. Spanning multiple screens around the space, we created design elements, original CG elements, and refreshed existing CG with new and changed rocket designs.

On the Shoulders of Giants

One section of the installation features a looping animation showcasing how existing NASA technologies are updated and improved upon for newer rockets. Titled "Shoulders of Giants", this piece was designed and animated from the ground up. Inspired by  pristine laboratories and immense airplane hangers, we constructed a beautiful environment, and then shut down the lights to turn it into a planetarium inspired backdrop for our animations.

Early Render

Reference images

Planetarium Design Frame

Go For Launch

A two minute short that helps motivate young audience members to pursue careers in space, this film features UI designed, animated, and composited by Kinetogenic Creative Director Chase Massingill. Originally created in 2009, it remained unchanged in the recent refresh.



And the rest

Kinetogenic also created additional titles, design and CG elements throughout the show.



Chase Massingill - creative direction, animation, design

Mike Senften - 3D lead

Toros Kose - art direction and animation

Jeff The Dragon - compositing and additional animation

Eddy Katt - 3D


Visitor experience created, developed, and produced by BRC Imagination Arts.